Retired Clergy Bishopthorpe 2017_1976Annual Meeting at Bishopthorpe Palace on June 6th 2017

We have a number of key aims:

  • To foster the continuing ministry of retired clergy.
  • To support and encourage retired clergy.  
  • To encourage retired clergy to meet.  
  • To represent the interests of retired clergy at national level.  
  • To keep retired clergy aware of changes in liturgical usage and professional conduct. 
  • To encourage and support bishops in their pastoral responsibilities. 
  • To become a community of prayer.

CORONAVIRUS ADVICE Bishop Ian’s letter regarding the current advice on the response of Retired Clergy to the Coronavirus outbreak can be found here

The Church of England’s official Guidance to Churches can be found here

In January 2020 we published a major report which seeks to offer key data regarding the numbers, spread and involvement of retired clergy across the Church of England. The link to the report can be found on the ‘Useful Information’ page.

We pursue these aims with a regular newsletter and with the support of diocesan retirement officers. 

By following the links above you will find more information about who we are and what we do, how you may join us or meet with fellow retired clergy. You will also find links to a lot of useful information.

Bishop Ian Brackley

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